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  • Hongfa Ready Mix Concrete Plant


    The ready mix concrete plant is mainly composed of material storage system, material weighing system, material conveying system, mixing system, powder storage system, powder conveying system, powder metering system, water and admixture measurement system and control system. As well as other ancillar...

  • How Automatic Wall Panel Machine Advantages Made You More Professional ?


    In the world market especially in Middle East and Southeast Asia, people started to accepted EPS sandwich concrete wall panels, the panel can be constructed very fast with less labors. Would you like to know the specific advantages of wall panel equipment? Here we go.1.    It adopts f...

  • Some Awesome Features of Movable Brick Making Machine


    Movable brick making machine is mainly divided into two types according to power source, one use diesel, the other one use electric. No matter what kind of power it use, here are some features about movable brick machine you can't miss if you are in this market. 1. Reasonable vibration distribution....

  • How To Prevent Concrete Blocks Cracking?


    No matter you are a green hand or old driver, there always be different problems in concrete blocks production process. Here are some tips for you guys to get high quality concrete bricks.1. Why the map cracking occurs and how to solve it?At the beginning of drying, blocks surface layer dehydrates a...

  • What Do You Need To Prepare For a Small Brick Factory?


    Firstly you should consider the area to be500-1000 square meters.Secondly, small brick factory has many advantages such as small investment, quick, according to the distribution of raw materials at any time to replace the production site, saving material shipping.Thirdly, you can operate varieties o...

  • Maintenance Tips of Lightweight Wall Panel Machine May Help You


    Some Maintenance Tips of Lightweight Wall Panel Machine:1.    Clean up every corner of the machine after one day work. Except for cleaning viscous ash of important place, also do some cleaning on strike-off board, vibration board of the concrete, to prevent it from coagulating, and in...